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[EN/LT] ProfitTrailer v1.x installation on Linux VPS

Attention: ProfitTrailer v2 released - installation manual

Follow the instructions bellow and will easily install a ProfitTrailer v1.x cryptocurrency trade bot on Linux operating system (OS) based virtual privat server (VPS). This manual is prepared using Ubuntu 16.04 OS but ProfitTrailer could be installed on any other Linux OS you prefer. Some installation steps (commands) could be different on other Linux OS's

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Regarding official ProfitTrailer minimal requirements You need VPS with atleast 2 GB of RAM - the most important. This recommended amount has some reserve and because of this we can say your ProfitTrailer bot would be fine with 1.5 GB RAM. And we recommend you the cheapest VPS from our range LVPS1 (0.5 GB RAM) and on purchase process you will need to order additional 1 GB of RAM - 1.5 GB of RAM in total. But if you see the better option on our range - feel free to take it for your ProfitTrailer bot.

1. Login to your VPS via SSH access using SSH client application. Use your dedicated static IP address and root user. All this login information was sent to your email address which was set on your purchase (if you bought your VPS from LavaVPS). We recommend PuTTY SSH client program for Windows OS user.

How to use PuTTY application for Windows OS users

2. Before you start required packages installation need to update packages lists:

apt-get update

3. Install required packages:

3.1. Install Java 8. Do not use other Java version then Java 8.
3.2. Installing other required packages:

apt-get install wget nodejs npm unzip -y

4. Create nodejs symbolic link which will be used by other apps:

ln -s /usr/bin/nodejs /usr/bin/node

5. Install pm2 app which will be used to run/stop/restart ProfitTrailer bot:

npm install [email protected] -g --no-optional

Attention: it is recommended to run ProfitTrailer bot with non root user for your VPS and your bot safety. It is a recommendation only. You can run it with root user and on this case skip steps bellow and jump directly to step No.8.

6. Create new user:

adduser ptbotuser

 - Instead of user name ptbotuser you can use any other user name you prefer. Do not forget to change it in steps bellow if you will use different user name.

 - Enter password for new user and press ENTER. We recommend using secure password for your ProfitTrailer bot and your funds safety.

 - Repeate password to confirm and press ENTER.

 - It is not necessary to add any information about a new user so just press ENTER 5 times.

 - To confirm new user creation enter letter Y and press ENTER.

7. Login to new created user:

login ptbotuser

Enter password which was set for user on step No.6.

8. Download the latest ProfitTrailer bot version:


IMPORTANT: the latest ProfitTrailer bot version download link could be found on official download page. Check download link above. Change if it is outdated to the latest version download link.

9. Extract downloaded ProfitTrailer ZIP archive and go to extracted ProfitTrailer folder:

unzip ./

cd ./ProfitTrailer

10. Make the main ProfitTrailer file as executable:

chmod +x ProfitTrailer.jar

11. ProfitTrailer bot is ready to be started by command below (do not forget to configure bot before you start it):

pm2 start pm2-ProfitTrailer.json

ProfitTrailer is started and running now.
To open your Web GUI of ProfitTrailer open this address in your internet browser - http://your.vps.ip.address:8081

In place of "your.vps.ip.address" enter your VPS IP address.
If you have set not a standard port number which is "8081", in place of "8081" enter the port number you have set and want to use.

You can login to your VPS at any time using the user you started ProfitTrailer bot and follow the live log and control your bot using commands listed below.

All commands to control ProfitTrailer bot on your VPS via SSH access:

cd /home/ptbotuser/ProfitTrailer/
cd /root/ProfitTrailer/

pm2 start pm2-ProfitTrailer.json
If you use 'ptbotuser' user
If you use 'root' user

Start ProfitTrailer bot
pm2 log 0 Live log on console
pm2 stop 0 Stop ProfitTrailer bot
pm2 reload 0 Restart ProfitTrailer bot

For the successful ProfitTrailer start you need to make at least basic settings:
 - Create API Keys depend on your exchange - Bittrex, Polonex, Binance
 - API Keys and other mandatory ProfitTrailer settings
 - Trade strategies basics and possible settings

More information and settings options could be found on ProfitTrailer Wiki web site and Discord server (all support questions and help).

 Fresh installed ProfitTrailer bot has a default trade (BUY / SELL) strategies and will start trading as soon as it will be started. It is very recommended to settup your prefered BUY and SELL strategies before the very first bot start.

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